Choose your recipe guide

Select your recipe guide

The recipe options are endless when using Frostline®. Take a look at the different guides to become inspired to add new creations to your menu. 

Vanilla Blender Recipe Guide

Meet recipes crafted to help expand your menu and drive ticket totals without adding costly equipment. These decadent, on-trend treats come together fast with a blender, Frostline® Vanilla Flavored Soft Serve Mix, Artificially Flavored for a treat, and a few common ingredients. Talk about easy profitability!

Chocolate Blender Recipe Guide

Time to take the easy route to higher ticket totals. We paved the way with simple and decadent recipes. With just a blender, you can whip up show-stopping drinks and desserts in no time with Frostline® Chocolate Soft Serve Mix, and a few on-hand ingredients. Win!

Frostline Fall Guide

Check out our seven-page guide featuring Frostline® Pumpkin Spice, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, and Vanilla Soft Serve Mixes along with fall trends, shake recipes, and a promotional guide with downloadable graphics. 

Frostline Winter & Fall Recipe Guide

Ready to make this a fall and holiday season to remember? It’s easier than you think with menu expanding, check-boosting recipes like these. The best part? Each mouthwatering, on-trend recipe can be made using a regular blender, Frostline® shelf-stable soft serve mix, and a few common ingredients. 

Limited-Time Treats Blender Recipe Guide

You can set your place apart with limited-time offer frozen treats that guests will remember you for. Best part? No new equipment or training required! All you need are these recipes and a blender. Start with a base of Frostline® Pink Cotton Candy Flavored Soft Serve Mix for a flavor carousel of sweet nostalgia. Or put a celebration in every sip with a base of Birthday Cake Soft Serve Mix. What are you waiting for?

Salted Caramel Blender Recipe Guide

Trend alert! Frostline® Salted Caramel Flavored Soft Serve Mix satisfies today’s guests’ cravings for sweet plus savory. It also has a secret power. With just these recipes, a blender, and a few ingredients, it can transform into higher ticket totals for incremental profits. Win!