Doll Up Your Menu with Pink

Doll Up Your Menu with Pink

Pink is popping up everywhere.

From fashion to food, 2023 is officially the year of pink. It’s playful. It’s pretty. And its popularity is bolstered by the iconic doll movie. Some say it’s an aftereffect of the pandemic. We emerged from the stress and strain craving rosy optimism and that’s coming through in everything from the dopamine dressing style trend to pink pineapples and beyond.

All things pink hit the runway.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is the move this year with designers offering styles from blush to bold neon pink. Emily Huggard, an assistant professor of fashion communication at Parsons School of Design, says the trend has taken off because of its playfulness, which is extra appealing in a post-COVID world. She notes that it’s among other trends like “dopamine dressing,” where you wear bright clothes that spark joy or make you feel good. “People are really latching on to escapism and things that they know and feel safe with,” she says. “I think people are craving a time when things felt less heavy.”1

Serving up 50 shades of pink.

Why stop at what you wear when you can eat pink too? Expect to see flavors like bubblegum, strawberry puree, dragon fruit, funfetti, new maraschino infusions, and pink variations on classics, including pineapple, salt, pink-hued schisandra berries and cara cara oranges.2 People can’t get enough of the bright, friendly hue. It’s not even the color alone that appeals, but the healthy antioxidants it signifies. With post-pandemic consumers looking for foods that offer a nutritional boost along with Insta-worthy photos, berries, flowers and fruits should increasingly find a place on the menu.3

Think pink with Frostline.

At first blush, you may not see how to personalize pink. Say no more! We’ve got a few ideas to help set your menu apart. Frostline Frozen Treats’ nutritional claims combined with antioxidant rich ingredients provide a feel-good, look-good menu hit.

  • Pink Cotton Candy Soft Serve: Serve as is in a cup or cone.
  • Pop of Pink: Top Vanilla Soft Serve or a Twist with pink fruits like pink pineapple or dragon fruit.
  • Strawberry Margarita: Mix up Strawberry Soft Serve with tequila and level up the adult treat with a rim of pink Himalayan salt.
  • Pink Cotton Candy Martini: Mix up Cotton Candy Soft Serve with cranberry juice and vodka.
  • Raspberries & Cream Freeze: Blend high-antioxidant berries with Vanilla Soft Serve mix.



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