Vibrant Colors

Introducing FrostlineĀ® Vibrant Colors Soft Serve Dry Mix

Vibrant colored soft serve is the epitome of  joy and celebration. Its cheerful hues, are a fun way to twist in a theme or to add team spirit, while its rich vanilla taste can’t be beat. No matter the team or celebration, this colorful treat creates a magical experience that brings people together to enjoy the vibrant moments in all aspects of their lives. 

Add A Pop Of Color

Vibrant Colors in Action

Frostline® Soft Serve Mix in Vibrant Blue, and Green Colors add a seasonal touch that will set you apart from the others.

Sprinkle in Some Color

A simple graham cracker crust is reimagined when you layer in Frostline® Soft Serve Mix in Vibrant Gold, Orange Colors with classic Vanilla.

Give Customers A Colorful Experience


Choose from any of our 6 vibrant colors all with a decadent vanilla taste.

Three Cheers for Color!

Whether you are rooting on the home team or embarking on a headlining attraction, Frostline® has something to match. Customers will love the additional immersive experience, and you’ll love the easy prep, shelf stability, and versatility for any foodservice operation on premise.